Know when I said I was at the most picturesque rest stop? I was wrong. The view here is amazing. 😄

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Folx, if you ever think “That Airbnb where you sleep in a tent on a platform looks good”, stop there.

Last night’s “restful” retreat from camping was anything but. There is nothing relaxing about going outside to use the port-a-potty in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Also, NO SINK. 😡

My darling partner: “Let’s never get an Airbnb with zippers ever again!” 🤣

Just packed up for our last campground and now we are relaxing before the trip back home. We are kicking it off with cider flights at the local cider brewery.

Treated ourselves to a dinner out. Found a yummy vegan place that served sushi and smothered fries. The empty plate once contained an impossible burger.

What do you get when you buy firewood from a vending machine? Your campfire looks like flaming 🔥spam 🥓

continues with our next campground. This one is the final one before we head back the way we came. My partner and I are spending a couple days here to visit with her family. This has been the nicest campground yet, both in terms of weather and privacy.

At one of the more picturesque rest stops. Lake Erie in the distance, vineyards in the fore.

Travel day for to another campground. Stopped to indulge on some Little Caesar pizza (the most unhealthy of pizza) and enjoy a perfect day. Behind me is Lake Erie.

day 2: coffee achieved. Found a local place. No chain coffee shops for me!

day 1 complete. We have the tent set up and got as far as putting our beds in when we decided to lie down. Biiiig mistake after being in a car for 6 hours.

Day 1 of vacation starts now. I’m also going to start an experiment on more regular posting. So, I apologize in advance if there is too much noise. 🙂

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Went into Boston for a wander and there were plenty of people who were wearing masks. I was impressed how few naked-facers there were.


I use GitHub to hold my drafts, because then I can copy/paste it to Hashnode (where my blog resides), and - to get more exposure.

GitHub also has a Project feature that I use to keep track of the ideas and what I'm currently writing.

This is something I'm starting to do. But my ever-evolving process is:
1. I get an idea and let it swirl around in my brain.
2. Record it in some fashion, most likely in the notebook I carry around.
2a. When I get to a computer, I create a GitHub issue in the repo that stores my posts.
3. I make a branch from the issue and create a draft.
4. I make a number of passes at it.
5. Once I'm satisfied, I'll create a Pull Request, and my partner will read and edit.
6. After edits, post.

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@ru at a high level, my process consists of the following:

1) I get an idea and add a draft title to either my note taking app (Standard Notes) or a quick draft in WP.

2) I then take the draft title and flesh it out into a few bullets containing the main point of the article.

3) If at this point I’m happy, I write a draft. If I’m not happy, I ditch it.

4) Once the draft is done I leave it for a day or two, then come back to it and edit it.

5) I publish.

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Google "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Click the license plate in the top left. After, use the back button. You won't be disappointed

@ryan I love that place! It’s been a bit since I went there but the nostalgia is real as soon as I step through the door.

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