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If you train a parrot to say "How's it going?" it will eventually be promoted to project manager.

Day Job grump, but the idea is there. 

If you are going to deploy something out to production, maybe don't do it from the **develop** branch.

Take the time to do it right, create the main branch (if it doesn't exist) and then do the deploy.

**shakes my tiny fist**

I’m not a beer person, but these aren’t too bad. Pilsner on the right, saison on the left. Soon they will be accompanied by vegan southern comfort food.

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I've been using my new M1 MacBook Air for a few days now. Having NEVER used MacOS before, here are my first impressions.


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did you know if you start playing dark side of the moon and the wizard of oz at the same time you can't hear either very well and it's frustrating

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I need to step back and remember that most people want computing tools that does their job easily and safely and don't care about the ideology. Even in my own life I look forward to the day that is a possible beyond ideology. In the meantime I have the privilege of being able to critique tech and I need to remember that it is very much a privilege afforded to very few.

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I’m at the point where I look forward to days at work more than days off. At least I have something to do at work.

No autocorrect, I meant shitshow. Don’t try to censor me!

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Having a tire blow out on the way back to the office turned what I had hoped to be a productive day into a shot show hell’s cape waiting for a tow and further guilt that I’m going to be even further behind on a project I’m already struggling on.

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All people are horrible in one way or another. I definitely am and so are you. I’m sick of all the “holier than though” bullshit I see from so many people. It’s a reminder of why I continue to do my best to disengage from so many “communities.”

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Geez, rereading this gives me such grammar cringe. Allow me to correct that:

Do you remember when….

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Know when I said I was at the most picturesque rest stop? I was wrong. The view here is amazing. 😄

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Folx, if you ever think “That Airbnb where you sleep in a tent on a platform looks good”, stop there.

Last night’s “restful” retreat from camping was anything but. There is nothing relaxing about going outside to use the port-a-potty in the middle of a thunderstorm.

Also, NO SINK. 😡

My darling partner: “Let’s never get an Airbnb with zippers ever again!” 🤣

Just packed up for our last campground and now we are relaxing before the trip back home. We are kicking it off with cider flights at the local cider brewery.

Treated ourselves to a dinner out. Found a yummy vegan place that served sushi and smothered fries. The empty plate once contained an impossible burger.

What do you get when you buy firewood from a vending machine? Your campfire looks like flaming 🔥spam 🥓

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